JL, Massachusetts, February 2006

Villa de Palma

“Just a note to let you know we returned safely from Paradise on Tuesday. Thank you very much for your extended hospitality through the Nor’easter! It is hard to believe that the full moon shining on the sea is the same moon we see here!

Your villa is beautiful – I love your furnishings, wall sconces, and great ceramics and glassware!

We had a great time with Tropical Trail Rides at Jobos Beach, and found a wonderful, casual restaurant nearby called Happy Belly’s, which I mentioned in your guest book. We also found the Magna Villa Panaderia near Wendy’s on 693 to have good, reasonably priced breakfasts (though of course you don’t get to walk along the beach to arrive there)! The kids loved Johnny Rockets, and we enjoyed Su Casa and Zen Garden too.”

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